Testimonials & Feedback

Testimonials & Feedback

Dear Mr. Ehab,

It was nice speaking with you, and thanks for your help with the F&B Budget form..
You are ahotelier with great experience, and your F&B management books are a true gift.
The collection isnew, unique and straight to the point…. You have proven that you really understand the needs of young managers like us.
With your Training Manuals and SOPsyou have saved me and my F&B team a lot of office hours. The idea of including additional words formatcopy for each book is brilliant, it gives us the chance to modify and adjust accordingly. Our GM was thankful that you give us the permission to printand distribute the code of ethics to our employees.
PS. As I motioned, it’s very helpful to have your F&B books in electronic copies which givesus the chance to copy paste, and modify whatever we need, BUT I still believe that such books with great value should also be available in Print Copies.

Yours sincerely
Natalia Scott
Restaurants & Banquet Operation Manager.
Dear Mr. Rashwan

I would like to say, your books, are the most informative of any SOP etc, they are very detailed, I have been able to get so much information and used it with my knowledge to enhance the operation of F&B. Congratulations on offering an excellent reference material. I look forward to your next project.

Kind regards
Craig Champion
Director of Food and Beverage

I've read your F&B books and I must say this is one of the best F&B Guides I've purchased. I have never come across such a simple and effective F&B Books. Each concept has been explained in easy to understand sections, which make it as simple as A-B-C.

Jack Mareyan| Ex. Chef & Owner
The Turkish Grill |Restaurant & Bar
Dear Ehab

Thank you for an excellent guide and reference series. The books are of such nature that despite all past experience and knowledge it is fantastic to know that one can refer back and expedite any F&B exercise without hesitation.
These books can be referred to as the "Bible" guide of F&B.

Yours sincerely
The Lois Catering
Dear Ehab

Many thanks for your great books. It’s simple and easy to understand for student. Definitely i will promote this books to others and i hope you don’t stop to publish more titles. Looking forward for that!.

Kersthom Learning
M-13-9 Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Dear Ehab

In short, your books are very helpful and informative to understand the business dynamics to deliver the operations more efficiently and effectively, where services we deliver have taken top priority over our product.Congratulations for coming out with such project.
Looking forward your next reference.

Zakeer Ahmad Baig
Manager - Operations

First I bought the Certified Training Manual then I bought the complete Food & Beverage course, and have found it very enlightening. It's amazing how something so simple can spell the difference between prosper and ruin. The way you explain the concept is very clear and concise. You can't expect anything better than this for just $47 dollars. I think you should raise the price
Great material...keep it up "

Maria Albert
Food & Beverage Operation Director
Taxes. USA
Dear Restaurant Data Team

I am 41 years old and I been long enough in the restaurant business. I want to say, your F&B books are worth triple what I paid for it. Anyone can learn from, how to train and manage any restaurant operationusing the knowledge and procedures given in your books, from the novice to the pro.
Hope you will come soon with a printed version; I will be the first to buy it.

Sonya Mackie
The Brazilian Club
Managing Director
Hi Ehab

Don't know what to write... not used to write testimonials. Actually most of them don't deserve that but you're someone I'll look forward to do business with I bought The Managers Guide for Standards & Performance Techniques which is awesome book. Simple, concise and to the point. It's worth every penny spent.

See you in Singapore
Mario Pasta
Mastery Shopper|Food & Beverage Consultant.
Dear Mr. Rashwan

I really don't know where to start, but your F&B Management books have been a great help to me, and I have profited well from your course, justby following your rules.
It's the best money I've spent in a long time! Simple to read and step-by-step instructions. I have been reading it as fast as I can. The information you provide is AMAZING! I can't wait to apply it. Great Info.. Will surely recommend to everybody I know.

Dear Ehab

Powerful material,this is a must have books, I've already recommended this books to several people. Why try to figure all this out on our own? Modeling what successful people do sounds like a good idea to me
Your books lived up to my expectations. Keep it up.

Robert Zyaed
The Tacos Beach Restaurant &Coffee Shop