The Books Details
The Fundamentals of the Food & Beverage Management

A Clear Roadmap with Proven F&B Management Strategy for Driving Efficiency and
Maintaining the Highest Standard of Guest Experiences

Dear F & B Directors, Restaurant Managers, Headwaiters and Executive Chefs,

We are really excited to offer you an amazing and unique compilation of well-documented and prepared F&B Management eBooks With Significant collection of Food and Beverage data and official procedures that would introduce you to the world of restaurant operation management and will guide you to effectively drive loyalty and increase repeat business at your restaurant For newly opening or currently existing restaurants.

A Readymade solution comes from a well recognized experts in hospitality management with long years of Hotels and Restaurants Management experience.

These assets will be passed on to you in form of an exclusive compilation of 8 books

  • The Certified Training Manual for Restaurant Waiters
  • The Managers Guide for Standards & Performance Techniques
  • The Food & Beverage Standard Operating Procedure
  • The Room Service Operation Manual
  • The Bar Management Guide
  • The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Culinary Operation
  • The Concept of Menu Building
  • Human Resources & Personnel Management for Restaurant Operation

The books offered in this collection is officially used as operation manual, SOP and educational tool in

  • Over 42 different Food and Beverage Establishments and Hotels around the world
  • Hotel Management School at the Lebanese American University
  • The Bartending Academy in Phoenix & Tempe, Arizona
  • SMK Parawisata Bali Global Ashram Senior High School
  • Two of the nation’s largest mystery shopping companies

Structured Path for Career Progression

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The Books Details
176 pages

The Certified Training Manual
for Restaurant Waiters

65 Interactive F&B Training Modules

Proven methods for using appropriate training styles, Each Module was created to provide precise content and interactive experiences in... Instructor and Participant Guide formats... for establishments that have their employees deliver the training.
Our modules are designed to train Restaurant waiters, New hire and Food & Beverage Trainees
Our modules are written to be used by:

  • New Food and Beverage trainers.
  • Experienced Food and Beverage trainers who are new to the content.
  • Non-trainers with train-the-trainer experience.
  • Restaurant Managers and supervisors who are responsible for training other employees.

Simple yet powerful techniques for making your training courses popular, interesting and lively.The Training modules contain basic texts, module forms, handouts for workshops, and notes for trainers, Each module has a single topic.
The Restaurant training Manual is an excellent source for guidelines, Pinpoint skills and knowledge's needed for a successful waiter.
The book motivates and stimulates your new waiters to achieve results through support and encouragement using a very precise and proven F&B training strategies.

The Food & Beverage Standard operating procedure (SOP)

An Employee Handbook
The Technical aspects & Ground Rules of the F&B operation
Written in a clear step-by-step, easy-to-read format

A well-documented and prepared Food & Beverage operation topics, tasks and procedures arranged in a logical sequence and broken down into small units that Provides you with Standards that have been identified for each task. And it's mostly focus on guest service issues.

The Food and Beverage SOP manual will go along way to effectively and efficiently maintain the highest standard of professional ethics, It is a fairly detailed Restaurant employee handbook & standard operating procedures (SOP). Consist of a very comprehensive standards & work ethics guide, which's clear and straight enough for your waiters to memorize and deliver them consistently and effectively in their daily service interaction.

In addition, our SOPs are frequently used as checklists by several inspectors when auditing restaurant procedures.

320 pages
129 pages

The Managers Guide for
Standards & Performance Techniques

  • Mystery shopping format allows you to identify and measure quality of products and services.
  • The exclusive methods for Casual & Gourmet Fine dining performance with concise beginners manual.
  • The Tricks and Techniques of up-selling for restaurant waiter.

The need to wow customers and the value of exceeding expectations is more critical now than ever. No hospitably business can afford to have a gap between the promise of quality and its actual delivery. That's exactly why many leading restaurants are dealing Restaurant Data.

If you own or operate a restaurant and wants to make sure that your products and services are the best at all times. In this book you find Strong foundation of basic service values ensures the delivery of high-quality, timely and credible results. According to guest expectations.

A dedicated program and unique action oriented process to obtain significantly better business results. The book contain performance process that drives improvement to service quality using very precise guidelines to establish mechanisms that measure and improve levels of service.

Amazing book dedicated to evaluating product quality and service standards and explains the tricks and techniques of up-selling.


Human Resources & Personnel Management
For Restaurant Operation


Code of Ethics
Disciplinary Procedures
Interview Technique
Employee Performance Assessments Forms
Job Descriptions for all Restaurant Positions

Code of Ethics:
The minimum standards of conduct that we should adhere to. it set out the procedures to be used in specific ethical situations, such as conflicts of interest or the acceptance of gifts, and delineate the procedures to determine whether a violation of the code of ethics occurred.

Disciplinary Procedures:
In any organization, written disciplinary Procedures must be in place - A progressive discipline catches an employee's attention, and when effective, helps the employee improve some aspect of his or her work. Find out more about progressive discipline.

Employee Performance Assessments Forms:
Performing internal evaluations and providing consistent feedback that promote employee growth and engagement. It also keeps goal behaviors top of mind for all involved.

Interview Technique:
How to conduct interview that enables you to select the best candidate for your open positions. This book should give you a reasonable understanding of how interviews work, and what question to ask. Interviewing is one of the significant factors in hiring and it is a vital skill for any food and beverage position. Good interview technique requires practice so don't expect to master it immediately.

Job Descriptions for all Restaurant Positions:
Clear, and position specific Job descriptions for all Restaurant Positions, to guide your employees identify and spell out the responsibilities of a specific job, relationships with other positions, reporting relationship and the required qualifications.
The restaurant Job descriptions also include information about working conditions, knowledge and skills needed.

150 pages
84 pages


The Room Service Operation Manual



In-Room Dining & MiniBar Service Guide
With a complete private butler guide


Why do not you use the same techniques as the finest hotels in the world? Shape your In-Room Dining strategic, managerial and operating practices.

When guest stay at the Hotel, they regard their room as their home, working in Room Service involves close contact with the guests and their food, which means that your waiters are consistently under observation. The Room Service Operation Manual will teach your waiters to be professional at all times; This is one of the most comprehensive compilations of training manuals for room service and it will be of great help for any person who wants to manage people living at his/her hotel and also improve the In-Room Dining performance.

The book includes also a complete private butler guide

The Bar Management Guide


Bartender Handbook


An Insight compilation about the key concepts and the theoretical aspects for those who are responsible for managing the day-to-day bar operation,

Managing a bar can be hard work, but it can be very rewarding work and very profitable if done correctly. This book has it all, It is aptly named The "Ultimate" Book for bar & lounge.

This book is an in depth compilation for how to manage from bar concept building to beverage service techniques, and the development and performance management of the bar employees.

Extinctive wine and beverage knowledge, menu items, beer, wine, Champaign, liquor, Tea, Coffee and Cigar, ability to design specialty drinks
Completion of daily tasks, opening and closing duties, side work duties
Proper sequence of service, adherence to standards etc, you name it and the book covers that aspect.
Extensive guide help you manage all operational issues ensuring standards of quality and service are met.

220 pages
137 pages

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
for Culinary Operation


Back of the House
Administrative & functional procedures


The Culinary & Stewarding service SOPs
Culinary and Stewarding skills are of great importance to a restaurant management, they leave a lasting impact on the guests and this book gets in detail about both these aspects to help you understand the extent of standardization you could bring into these processes as well.
Since this is fairly important for you while you are setting service standards for you restaurant, we thought it would be fair to provide this free on the purchase of Book 2 based on the service SOPs in general. The book is a great tool to enhance the reputation of your business through better culinary and steward services

The Ground Rules of F&B Financial Procedures


Collection of well-documented F&B procedures focused on financial aspects and geared towards administrative & functional solutions for newly opening or currently existing restaurants.

  • F&B Annual Revenue Budget Form (Budget Spreadsheet)
  • Restaurant & Bar Revenue Forecast Sheet (Annual, Monthly and Daily Actual Vs Forecast Formula)
  • Daily F&B Logbook
  • F&B Equipment Master Inventory form
  • Food & Beverage PAYROLL Master Attendance Sheet
  • New Hotel/Resort – F&B Pre-Opening Checklist
  • Controller Audit Checklist
  • Inter Department Transfer Form
  • Performance Assessment Score Card - All 4 Quarters in one unique Template
  • Capital Expenditure Budget (Complete Capex Form)
  • Employees Headcount & Manning Budget

All 8 books at unbelievable rate.