About restaurant-data.com

Restaurant-data.com is an initiative by Ehab Rashwan to give back to the F&B industry which he has served for over 20 years and the sector that has helped him lead a successful life. He brings to the table all his international experience right from being a Food & Beverage Director at top 5-star hotels & Resorts. Ehab Rashwan has now moved on to a higher senior position in the industry shouldering bigger responsibilities.

Here are a few words from him:
"My journey has been an extraordinary one, I have faced a lot of challenges at each stage and I thank the All Mighty for blessing me with great personalities around me. I have learned a lot from them, in terms of the service management and techniques in the F&B sector. Having worked with big hotel chains in different regions across the globe I have put in my best to compile all my understanding and learning in these books so that I can be of some help to people aspiring to grow in this great industry that has given me so much!"

Restaurant-data.com is an honest attempt to give back to the industry which Ehab Rashwan has loved and been a part of for the last 20 years. He aims to grow to a more significant position in the future however he has not forgotten that there are a lot who need the guidance that he couldn't get.

The course is designed to help restaurant managers reach higher goals in the industry in a shorter span of time. And Ehab Rashwan wishes all the luck to all aspiring candidates

Ehab Rashwan